What Do a Stubborn Tummy and Persistent Stress Have in Common?

Is Stress Secretly Sabotaging Your Success?

If you have been working really hard on improving your nutrition and your fitness and are feeling disappointed that you are not seeing the results you wanted, it may be time to take a deeper look into your stress levels. Stress triggers cortisol to flood the body, and cortisol can contribute to abdominal fat. Not only that, but stress can also contribute to increased appetite and cravings. Uh-oh. If you are reading this and are already feeling stressed at the thought of trying to reduce your stress, have no fear. We are here to provide you with some simple, go-to techniques to start mitigating your stress levels today. Please keep in mind, that when we provide suggestions, tips, and techniques to improve areas in your life, it is up to you to actively practice these suggestions daily. Success in these areas comes from consistency and patience. Sometimes we can be retraining years of old habits, thought patterns, etc. and we need to be gentle with ourselves as we go through these processes. Ok, let's tackle our stress!

What is it really?

In its simplest form, stress is fear. Fear of failure, fear of disappointing someone, fear of not living up to your potential. When we can learn to lean into the fear and listen to what it is saying, that is when we can truly heal There is false fear and there is true fear. True fear is an actual threat, like a bear attack or a car accident. False fear is attaching a negative thought or emotion to something that has happened.

Our body primes itself for action based on this stressor but has nowhere to release this tension because the stressor doesn't go away, it just keeps re-triggering us. We need to train our minds to slowly eliminate these negative stories, and utilize techniques that allow us to release the tension that occurs in stressful situations.

With all that being said, take some time to pick a couple of techniques below to start approaching your stress. Let us know how it goes! This is something that we cover in-depth with all of our clients because it is truly transformational.

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