Negative Ions are the EASIEST Health Hack....but what are they?

Embrace Negative Ions

We are ALL about finding ways to maximize our health in the most beneficial, cost efficient ways. You don't need to drink a trendy $10 latte to be healthy. The simple approaches are always the most effective and the most sustainable options. That is why we LOVE embracing opportunities to chase negative ions and bask in their amazing glow. We are talking about them like they are these tiny little angels that transcend upon us and make everything better. It's not exactly like that, but the more special we can make them sound the more tempting it will be to chase them on the daily, right?

So what are negative ions? "Negative ions are oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron. They are created in nature by the effects of water, air, sunlight and the Earth’s inherent radiation."

Why do we need them? We tend to be overly exposed to positive ions, which can have very negative effects on our bodies. They can negatively affect your lungs, respiratory system, as well as your immune system. It has been found that they contribute to lethargy, contributing to feeling tired, lacking energy, as well as feeling anxious, irritable, and tense. The worst part is that we are surrounded by a variety of sources of positive ions. Some common examples include office air-conditioning systems, cell phones and pretty much all electrical equipment such as computers, printers, etc., fluorescent lighting, microwaves, pollution, hair dryers, the list goes on but you get the point.

You are probably thinking that we are being huge downers right now but dumping this on you but we promise it's worth it. Now that you know why may be contributing to your lack of energy, you have the opportunity to make some super simple and effective changes!

  1. Get outside! The absolute easiest way to increase our exposure to negative ions and decrease the amount of positive ions is to get outside! Rivers, mountains, beaches and forests are especially effective at increasing our exposure to negative ions. There are so many benefits to getting out of the city, or at least finding a space in the city that is as "naturey" as possible but this is my absolute favourite benefit. If at all possible, don't be like us and bring your phone to take a photo for a blog post ;) Take some dedicated time in nature completely free of any electronics and allow your body to refill and reset.

  2. Turn off your electronics: One really effective way to reduce the amount of positive ion exposure in your house is to turn off any electronics that you aren't using and to get rid of any appliances that you don't need, specifically your microwave. We have all heard that microwaves aren't great for our health, but they really truly aren't, it's not just being said for fun. And the worst part is that they actually ruin the quality of your food. Once you are done warming up your amazing, nourishing food, the nutrients and quality has been zapped and you may as well be eating cardboard (ok that's an exaggeration but only slightly). We had to actually fully remove our microwave from our house to ensure we wouldn't use it because when it was there we inevitably relied on it when we were in a rush or just feeling lazy. Once it's out of your house you have no other option but to warm your food up on the stove and you just get used to the process. Turning off your wifi router at night, unplugging anything that will "run" in the background when you aren't using it, keeping your phone in the living room at night, are all great ways to lower your exposure to positive ions.

See! We told you it's a simple fix, and it really does make a huge difference. Have fun disconnecting that body and mind to replenish, we hope you love it as much as we do!

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