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Were you ever that kid who taped long pieces of hair to your head so you could have longer hair? I may or may not have done that once or twice. I spent a large portion of my young life trying to make deals with the universe to give me long beautiful hair. It honestly just didn’t happen. Like at all. And then I made matters worse by dying it “brown” but I didn’t read the box and it went black and I fried the shit out of my hair. If I wasn’t worried about boring you guys I would list all of the hair and beauty horror stories I had growing up (one time I legitimately cut off all my eyelashes with an eyelash curler, it was horrifying, ha, another one is the night before my first day of high school I pretty much plucked off my entire eyebrow and tried to draw it on with a marker, to say I am happy to be out of the awkward teen phase would be the understatement of the year).

Anyways, back to hair. Ok before I give you my hair tips please just keep this in mind, some hair types are just not meant to be long. You were blessed with beautiful hair intended to be short and you deserve to rock the shit out of it. BUT you can still treat your hair with the best possible care and ensure that it looks healthy and lush on the daily. And with all of the amazing hairstyles you can do with extensions now, who really needs the real thing, I can’t do half the hairstyles that can be achieved with extensions! Ok that’s all I have to say, here’s what I do to keep my hair long, lush and healthy.

1. Avoid excess heat styling: I think we have all heard this multiple times but it really is true. Overexposing your hair to heat on the daily can really damage it. Obviously we want our hair to look good everyday but there are other ways. There are so many awesome natural air drying techniques on the internet or you can keep it simple and just twist your hair as it air dries, this always gives me a nice, natural wave.

2. Let your natural hair oils do their thing: I don’t wash my hair every day because it honestly takes a village to wash, dry, style, etc. Even if it wasn’t so much work to do my hair I still wouldn’t wash it everyday because it’s really not good for your hair to keep stripping it of its natural oils. Spreading out the washes lets those natural oils work their magic on your hair and it prevents it from looking dry and dull. Also, the more you can spread out your washes, the longer your hair will last without looking greasy, you have to train it so build it up slowly. I still body wash everyday, but I just put my hair up and keep it from hating me.

3. Use good products: And by good products, I don’t mean those super expensive shampoos and heat protectors from the store. Use natural, toxin-free products that are designed to support your hair in the long term. There are so many toxins in the products we use and it is up to us to make a stand as consumers by buying the products that are made with our best interests in mind. You have heard me talk about Unwrapped Life products before, I use the hydrator shampoo bar and it is like magic on my hair. I haven’t been sponsored by them, I just honestly haven’t found something as good anywhere else. The only thing I have noticed is my hair gets used to it after a while and I have to alternate bars to keep my hair nice and clean. Overall I try to stay away from excessive products in my hair, I rarely use hairspray or any other product, some hair support products are amazing and I wouldn’t say not to use them, just stay as natural as possible.Coconut oil: We all know that coconut oil is the answer to all of our problems so I won’t get too into this one but definitely try to throw some coconut oil on the tips and roots of your hair once a week. It does make your hair look pretty greasy so give it a thorough wash afterward.

4. You are what you eat: Growing up, whenever I would complain about my hair or skin to my mom she would give me a list of things I should be eating and things I should not be eating but did I listen? Of course not. It’s one of those things that you don’t believe until you actually see results. So if you are on the fence stick it out, and if your hair doesn’t improve your body will thank you anyways. Some foods you should absolutely be including are:Flax seedsAdequate amounts of daily proteinSpinach and dark leafy greens for their iron contentOmega 3 fatty acids from flax seeds, nuts, fish, or just take a spoonful of omega 3 daily (this is good for so many other reasons)AvocadosLots of water.

5. Turning your shower to cold: at the end of each wash is also great for your hair, and your health overall, there is a ton of research discussing the benefits of cold showers so if you are able to handle the discomfort I would definitely recommend it.

6. Be careful with coloring: If you already struggle with hair length, dyeing it is not going to make it better. The chemicals in hair dye are definitely going to affect the length. I am sure my hair could be longer but I enjoy the variety of different hair colors so I am willing to give up length for color, this is something that you will have to decide. And if you are looking for an amazing hair stylist in Calgary you have got to check out Erika Stadig. This girl is a true goddess, when I went in I didn’t have any requirements I just let her do her thing and it’s my favorite coloring to date. Check her out.

7. Stay positive: It is hard to stick with something when you don’t see immediate results because our society has trained us to think everything can be fixed with a magic pill. That’s not how it works. If your hair is suffering it is probably an indication that your diet, lifestyle, or habits are not nurturing your overall health. Making the above changes will improve your health overall and it will be reflected in your hair and skin!

Good luck my loves! You are all beautiful inside and out!

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