Give Up The Guilt: check out the three best places to fuel your body in YYC!

Stop Feeling Guilty About the Food You Eat!

There was a time that Matt and I would eat out so frequently that the guilt would set in before we even took our first bite. We hated that guilty feeling especially since we were going to eat it anyways. Now, we work really hard on owning our decisions. If we choose to indulge then we let it be just that and we don't call it a "cheat" meal or let it be a little "guilty pleasure". We all know on an innate level what food allows us to thriiv and what food lowers our vibration. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of this so that we can love food for it's amazing properties, rather than resent it for it's consequences if indulged negatively. So with that being said, when we look for places to eat out now we actively pursue eateries that provide body-nourishing food that literally makes our mouthes water at the thought of it. That is the beautiful thing about learning to love this process, if sourced and prepared properly, food can become our ally and our number one supporter. We don't have to resent it for "making us fat" or hurting our bodies. We have the opportunity to create a lifelong relationship with the fuel that we interact with at least three times a day.

1.The Dandelion: Words truly cannot describe how unbelievably scrumptious every single dish is at The Dandelion. You honestly just have to taste for yourself. If you aren't vegan and are a little unsure about whether "meatless" food can really be as good as people say, just humour yourself and give it a try. You will be shocked at how unreal each meal is.

2. Seed N Salt: We are so excited to see more places like Seed N Salt popping up in our city. Our dream is to see amazing, convenient, body-nourishing options in all corners of the city so that everyone can access them. If you haven't tried the Tangled Thai it is an absolute must. While everything is delicious, I personally cannot stay away from this dish and keep coming back for it.

3. Community Natural Foods: Looking to curate the perfect meal for yourself? Community has an amazing self-serve cafe with everything that you need to fuel up for the day. We love to combine a nice fresh salad with some hot food options varying from lasagna to meatballs (just be careful not to add too much as your meal is priced by weight and it can be tempting to load that baby up).

Our hope is that we can always provide you with options that will make you feel your absolute best inside and out. If you have a go-to spot in YYC to get your food affair on let us know. We are foodies at heart and LOVE to bond over food.

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