It takes roughly 66 days to break an old habit and create a new one. This program is 8 weeks long to ensure that the new knowledge and approaches you are introduced to can become habitual and ensure your success. What does it include? 

  • Weekly videos and corresponding workbooks that cover mindset and nutrition 

  • A fitness program that is designed to support your individual goals

  • A variety of epic playlists to meet you where you are at (get pumped for your workout or slow down for your mindset practices)

  • A meal plan and grocery list that will get you set up for success

  • Unlimited support from our wellness team

  • A mindset journal to support your journey 

Moving your body shouldn't feel like a chore, there are so many amazing ways to honor your body through movement and we cannot wait to help you find the best fit for you! Our program is designed to set you up with a workout plan that works for your lifestyle and allows you to thriiv!

Sometimes it can feel like information overload when you are trying to navigate the best approach to nourishing your body, this program is designed to focus on THE most important things to implement into your nutrition journey and the best part is that they are actually doable!

While sometimes neglected, our mindset practice is one of the most important components of our wellness journey. Finding what works for you and your life and creating routines that allow your mind to thriiv is essential as you pursue your best life!



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